The Value of Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards have already proven that they are useful and reliable even if they are just a thing worn every day. But recently, lanyards have also been often used by a lot of companies as a promotional item. This is no surprise because they have all the essential features to make sure that your marketing campaign would advance and become successful.

Lanyards as a Promotional Tool

During the last decade, advertising formats and styles have significantly changed. This gives business owners the opportunity to express original ideas, experiment using different methods, and use almost anything as the center of their marketing strategy. Using videos on TV, announcements on radios, billboards, and marketing posters in malls and business areas does not guarantee that the desired effect will be achieved. At times, using the most ordinary things provide what your marketing plan aims for. If badge lanyards are used with a spark of creativity, you will have a realistic approach to your company’s advertising goals. Here is a closer look of the advantages of lanyards compared to other branded items.

Lanyards are Useful Items

To begin with, if you choose lanyards as a promotional item, they allow you to have a wider target audience: students, working people, military people – most of them use lanyards every day. Sometimes, lanyards are part of their uniform, and sometimes they use it just for convenience. In other cases, lanyards are used to identify a person. It is safe and comfortable to carry different small objects on your neck using badge lanyards. This makes it almost impossible to lose an item and gives you the advantage of having free hands to do your tasks. Moreover, you will have instant access to the carried items whenever you need them.

Badge LanyardsFor instance, during training, a sports coach has to signal at the exact time, and this would be difficult for him if he keeps his whistle in his pocket. Also, it will be inconvenient for doctors to forget their glasses somewhere while they rush to attend to a suffering patient. In the same way, it would be a huge letdown for a teenage kid to lose the latest model of the most high-tech mobile phone given by his parents. Lanyards can be a great help in these situations. This is the reason people will happily accept your branded badge lanyards. You can have them customized with your company name, logo, motto, and contact information. Lanyards are practical in so many different ways.

Lanyards Are Inexpensive

If you think that a wider target audience means big expenses as well, you’ll be glad that it is not so in case of lanyards. Of course, the price varies depending on the style, design, and materials, but these items are generally inexpensive, especially if you order them in bulk. These simple cords offer you around 72 inches of space that you could use for advertising purposes. You can hardly expect this from other branded items that are in the same price category.

Printing Your Lanyards

There are different ways to print your lanyards, but the most popular one is screen printing. This is typically the printing method used for t-shirts, stickers, posters, and vinyl. It is the ideal method to put the design or text on the material of lanyards. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors, you could select the most appropriate for the brand image of your company. To enhance the effect of your lanyards, you can also order the necessary color combination.

These are some of the advantages of badge lanyards, but business owners encounter a lot of other perks throughout their promotional campaign.

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