The Different Variations of Badge Holders

Badge holders are any card’s best friend. They were designed to protect these cards or badges, mostly identification badge, from damage. Most people just pick card holders in school and office supplies stores without knowing that these items actually come in all shapes and sizes.

If you know about them, you could find the best case for your card the next time you need one. Below are the most common variations of Badge holders.

1. Vinyl Holders

These holders are made from thick tear-resistant vinyl. These covers the entire identification cards with their clear surface, keeping the details visible.

Vinyl holders have either vertical or horizontal slots where you would clip the attachment of your lanyard. There are also vinyl holders with chain slots and zipper closure.

2. Proximity Card Holders

These badge holders are also made of vinyl; they are, however, heavy-duty. The materials used are soft and flexible. Proximity card holders are designed for thicker kinds of cards.

You may attach a lanyard, a badge reel, or a clip to the slots that go through the front and back surfaces of these holders.

3. Shielded Card Holders

These holders are designed to protect special cards such as 13.56MHz RFID technology cards. A thin layer of metal is situated in shielded card holders which prevent anyone unauthorized from scanning your card.

These holders are made of vinyl, paper RFID identity sleeves, and/or rigid plastic.

4. Hard Plastic Badge Holders

These holders are similar with proximity and shielded card holders. They were designed to protect the electronic components of your smart and proximity cards. They have rigid hard plastic which blocks dust and moisture, thus lengthening the lifespan of the card inside.

There are hard plastic holders which have thumb slots, enabling easy card removal. Some have slide ejectors that you can push to take out your card hassle-free. These variations are available in different sizes and orientations.

5. Colored Card Holders

Badge holdersThese card holders are usually made of vinyl. The upper parts of the holder where the slots are located are of different colors. These are for the people who cannot stand to use plain-looking accessories. With these, you can now match your card holders with the colors of your clothes.

Colored card holders will make you stand out. They are best used with equally stylish attachments and lanyards.

6. Eco-friendly Card Holders

If you have committed to take good care of the planet, these eco-friendly card holders are for you. They are made of EVA which is less hazardous to the environment compared to standard vinyl and PVC holders.

Eco-friendly holders are also available in different sizes and orientation. Pair them with lanyards made of PET or bamboo fiber to show your love to Mother Earth.

7. Flap Closure

Flap or zipper closure will keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from your cards and badges. The flap feature enables you to insert and remove your cards easily. These holders have slots and chain holes for any attachment of your liking. You can also add badge reel or strap clip.

8. Economy Badge Holders

This type is best for students or employees who are on a tight budget. Though economical, these card holders are still durable. They are simpler than other variations but they can still protect your cards from dirt and scratches.
Economy holders are made of flexible vinyl. They are ideal to use for giveaways or souvenirs in conventions, concerts, fun runs, and the like.

Now that you know the different kinds of card holders, you can already choose wisely from the countless card holders sold in school and office supplies stores.

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