How To Move On With

All of us have experienced heartbreak once in our lives. Recovering from heartbreak is a very difficult thing to do. This is the time when we struggle to pick ourselves up and move one step at a time. This is the time that we feel so unwanted that we think there’s something wrong in us already. This is the period when we lost our hopes and we let disappointment overpower all our remaining faith and love inside our hearts. Heartbreak isn’t easy to outgrow. It’s a phase in our lives that requires long and enduring moments of suffering and recovery.

When we experience heartbreak from our past lovers and relationships that didn’t work out, we struggle to feel better and be a better version of ourselves. This may be to make a fresh start or to make that person regret leaving us. Some of us tend to find another person to replace the one who left us. We thought that finding a replacement will make us feel better and heal the wound inside our hearts. All these things may come easy if we were broken-hearted just because somebody found a better person than us or if we can find a better individual that will replace him or her in our lives. But what if that important person left our lives permanently? He or she will never return anymore.

How can we move on from this tormenting heartbreak from a permanent loss?

funeralLosing a family member, a loving friend and a partner in our lives is never easy to deal with. These people have been part of our routine for such a long time. And we know that they will always hold a special place in our hearts for they have been there with us from our happy days to our saddest days. Their departure means that we will never be able to see them again and we have to live each day without them. Seeing them in everything that we do just strengthens up the painful feelings inside us. Experiencing their absence in the routine that we do makes it harder for us to recover and move on from the pain. Accepting that they will forever be away from us makes it more difficult for us to smile again and be the same old happy self that we once were. Moving on from a beloved’s death is indeed a strong struggle for all of us.

During these painful days, we need shoulders to cry on and provides us a strong support group that will be there as we slowly try to collect our broken pieces. Once our beloved has already been buried, the Circle of Friends program will immediately be there to guide us in our step by step recovery procedures. For a year, they will track your recovery phase and they will constantly send you inspiring stories about loss and acceptance. These newsletter articles will greatly be of help as we strive to find people who underwent the same pain like the one that we are feeling. Their testimonials and tips on how to be happy again after a beloved’s death will indeed be a boost to lonely souls.

Most of the time, we prefer to be with people instead of just reading their write-ups about moving on. It is better for us to see them personally and experience the faith and hope that we can get from these strong people. also provides the BLOOM Grief Support Group where clients and strangers are welcome to avail the service to this kind of inspiring approach in recovery.

CremationBLOOMS or Bringing together Losses of Others Mourning Sadness of is a very big help for us who are having a difficulty accepting the death of our loved ones. It’s never easy to pick up our broken pieces alone. We need boosters- people who can be there for us during out toughest times. Through BLOOMS, we can see that we are not alone in this heartbreaking moment and we can recover from this painful phase of death. provides services that make us feel loved and assured of God’s presence. So, if we are still hurting, we can go to and find people that will guide us towards happiness. We are not supposed to be alone when a loved one leaves us for there are many people who will walk with us and progress with life again. They are there cheering for us until we can definitely smile again.