How Reputation Management Works

If there’s one thing you could say about the online world, it’s that reputation matters. If people don’t like you, you can’t expect them to like or retweet your posts, too. And while you can ignore that as a person, it’s evident that a negative online persona wouldn’t help your business in any way.

So, what should you do then? Well, as an SEO Consultancy firm, we believe that you need a good Reputation Manager–someone who will be able to clean up your act online so that you’d gain more followers, and more people would want to do business with you.

How does Reputation Management work then? Read on and find out!

Diagnosing Google Ranking

Managing your online reputation could be a long and tedious process but it all starts with one thing: diagnosing your Google Ranking.

SEO ConsultancySurely, you may have googled yourself at some point in your life–even just for fun. Now, your reputation manager would also ask you to do this–but only after you have signed out of your Google Account. This way, you’ll see if anything comes up in the first page–this is important because most Google users really don’t go past the first page–and if whatever’s in the first page is helpful or not for your reputation.

Make sure that you use the name you know people would use while searching about you–or that is connected to your business. You don’t have to use your childhood nickname if no one really knows about it.

Results could either be any of the following :

• Negative

This means the results are not really connected to you, or are connected to you but show awful aspects of your personality–at least, businesswise. For example, it could be that party you got wasted at 5 years ago, or an angry Facebook rant, etc.

• Irrelevant

This means you have seen yourself on the first page–but the results aren’t really helpful. For example, you’ve joined this graphic arts contest years ago but only placed 5th out of 5 contenders.

• Positive

This means you have seen great and accurate representations of yourself on the first page. For example, it is shown that you have a doctorate degree, or that you used to host concerts and events, etc.
Working with what you have

The next thing you have to do is start planning and working with what you have. After seeing the Google results, you may want to do any of the following:

• Burying Specific Content

You may have seen unflattering, degrading photos of yourself that you’d ask your Reputation Manager to take it off the internet–and this doesn’t just mean deleting it, but really taking it off completely out of netizens;’ consciousness.

• Building Online Presence.

If you haven’t seen anything about yourself online, it’s high time you start talking. It’s high time that you put yourself out there. These days, there’s no use hiding from netizens anymore.

• Pushing Specific Content Higher

This means that maybe, it’s time to create a new website, join LinkedIn, and create content that you know would benefit you as a person, and your business, as well. Since you really won’t be able to get lots of time to let people know you online, you have to take it upon yourself to create a persona that you want others to know–and that you know would work well for you.

Keeping It Positive

Once you and your Reputation Manager have come up with a plan as to how to boost your reputation, you can be sure of the following :

• The number of your fans and followers will grow;
• You’ll be more confident, knowing that people are looking up to you now;
• You’ll be more careful of what you post online because you know people are watching you;
• You’d have a loyal group of people following you, and;
• You’d be able to gain more opportunities and venture out into different things because of your positive online reputation!

Our SEO consultancy firm will help provide you with positive online reputation. Check out our services, and see how we can help you!

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