Different Types of Fabrics for Golf Shirts

Golf shirts come in various colors and sizes, as well as in different types of fabrics. Finding and buying the right type of fabric for the right weather condition and individual preferences sometimes needs great effort. Some claim that different materials used in shirts enhance and improve the performance of golfers during the game. Also, the comfort of golf players depends on their shirts’ fabric.Some of the most frequently used types of fabrics used in golf shirts include cotton and polyester.

The most common type of fabric is cotton. Fabrics made from cotton are usually soft. It is comfortable and light. Cotton is also well known for its unique property – it becomes warm when the weather is cold and cool when it is hot. In other words, it can be worn in different seasons. Aside from this, cotton is also suitable for persons who have sensitive skin. However, materials made of cotton also have a downside. Colors of cotton shirts are said to fade easier than those of other fabrics.

Recycled materials are also used in making golf shirts. These are collectively called eco-friendly fabric. This type of fabric suits the taste of environment-friendly golf players. Polyethelyneterephtalate (PET) bottles undergo different processes to become fibers that are used to make the eco-friendly fabrics.Aside from being eco-friendly, fabrics made from recycled materials also have high resistance to moisture. Even if it is made from recycled water bottles, this type of fabric is sure to be soft and comfortable to wear.

Golf shirtsPolyesters, on the other hand, are synthetic fabrics that are lighter than cotton. More often than not, polyesters are combined with other materials like microfiber and cotton to enhance the quality of the fabric. Polyesters mixed with microfiber produces a lighter fabric than cotton. Shirts that are made from synthetic polyesters can dry faster and are easier to wash than those made of other fabrics. Shirts made from polyesters are more flexible, resulting to easier movement during the game and better performance in play. Synthetic materials, such as polyesters, also have disadvantages. Some people claim that polyesters are highly susceptible to developing a rather unpleasant odor.

Some brands of clothing offer golf shirts and other sports apparel with Dri-FIT fabrics. It is said that Dri-FIT fabrics do not let sweat stay on the golfer’s skin. Dri-FIT technology absorbs the sweat on the skin and transfers it to the surface of the fabric, letting the sweat to evaporate. By this technology, the occurrence of body odor and other sweat-related problems can be prevented. There is also a Dri-FIT UV fabric that has an extra feature which protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Protection from ultraviolet rays is also beneficial to golfers because it is inevitable that golf players will play under direct sunlight.

The types of fabrics that are used in making shirts are not limited to the ones mentioned here. In fact, there are a lot more to choose from. Picking the right type of material for golf shirts depends on what an individual needs. For instance, if the golfer wants to have a shirt that prevents body odor, then he/she should choose a material that has superior breathability.Weather condition is also a factor to be considered when choosing fabrics of shirts. Some fabrics are flexible to the weather but some are not. There are fabrics that are highly resistant to water, making them appropriate for the rainy season.

With all things considered, it may be said that choosing the right type of fabric depends on the preferences, personal style, and lifestyle of an individual.