The Different Variations of Badge Holders

Badge holders are any card’s best friend. They were designed to protect these cards or badges, mostly identification badge, from damage. Most people just pick card holders in school and office supplies stores without knowing that these items actually come in all shapes and sizes. If you know about them, you could find the best case for your card the… More →

What can Custom Military Coins Represent?

Custom military coins are special because they represent something admirable and gallant. They even have a pretty distinguished history. Though coins have been around for centuries, the custom-made military coin can be traced only as far back as World War I, although there is a possibility that something akin to it already existed even before that. Political coins, anyway, have… More →

Other projects with portable storage containers

Those big metal cans called portable storage containers that are out and about on the road for shipping purposes and lock box services could take up a lot of space after use, and it would be a waste of space to stack up countless empty containers that just got replaced by newer models. Because of this reason, the containers have,… More →